Avalanche & ENVELOP

Not long ago we launched and tested another EVM-compliant blockchain — Avalanche. The objective is very simple: make the Protocol as “multichain” as possible, and then add the “cross” prefix.

Why Avax? Because it is “an open, programmable smart-contracts platform for decentralized applications”. In addition, this blockchain has everything it needs to be embedded in other ecosystems: most notably, the Ethereum ecosystem.

Another important aspect is our Oracle: as the product is a separate part of DAO and requires as many integrations as possible — it is important that other oracles can become freely part of it. By far the largest of these is Chainlink and yes, it is on the Avalanche blockchain.

Finding our smart contracts is easy:

To appreciate the benefits of this Network — we recommend examining the following table:

Yes, for sure ETH2 may outperform AVAX in the near future, but don’t forget that the transition to ETH2 has been going on for years and is still not finished yet, while DAO ENVELOP needs to evolve here & now. In addition, we believe that all blockchains will eventually be integrated with all of them, and L1 will be the basis for even more L2 integrations. That is why we connect everyone at once: it is more convenient, more reliable and definitely easier.

This brings ENVELOP one step closer to full EVM compatibility: test, use, develop!




The first cross-chain protocol to tokenise payment channels and determine an objective asset price by

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The first cross-chain protocol to tokenise payment channels and determine an objective asset price by

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