Envelop’s bounty results

It’s time to sum up the results of the bounty campaign.You can find Bounty rules and Bounty FAQ in Envelop’s docs.

We are very grateful to all the first bounty participants and we appreciate initiative, so we decided to reward them with additional tokens. Additional tokens are awarded only to those participants who did not win contests with predetermined conditions.

Unfortunately for us there were not many participants and we tried to involve the community more actively. That’s how the ambassador program came about.

We tried to find a reasonable compromise so that on the one hand users would get their tokens as soon as possible, on the other hand it would not greatly affect the market if the outcome is negative.

Total distribution of 1.5% of the total issue (7,500,000.00 of 500,000,000). The bounty campaign divided into several stages. The budget of the current stage is 60% of the total bounty budget (4,500,000 from 7,500,000).

All the results of the bounty campaign are presented in the sheet. Participants highlighted in orange did not meet the conditions of the bounty and will not receive payments.

There were 212 applications for the bounty program, but only 67 participants showed any activity. During the bounty campaign, several contests were held for which payments have already been made, these are:

- Givelab (255 000 NIFTSY tokens)

- Stickers (35 000 NIFTSY tokens)

We subtract these tokens from the first stage fund and get the followings:

- 1 000 000 tokens are reserved for the upcoming hackathon

- 154 330 tokens go to the participants of the bounty campaign

- 3 055 670 tokens will be distributed among the ambassadors and competitors until this part of the fund is spent.

Those who earned less than 20 tokens are paid in tokens at once. For others, payouts are made in wNFT with a time-lock.

Stay tuned. We will be announcing the detailed structure of the ambassador system soon.

If you are ready to become a member of DAO and help develop the project and community, join our ambassador program




The first cross-chain protocol to tokenise payment channels and determine an objective asset price by

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The first cross-chain protocol to tokenise payment channels and determine an objective asset price by

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