INO — Initial NFTs Offering. A new way to IDO from DAO ENVELOP

So DAO Envelop went out to IDO and ran it successfully. And I, Владимир Попов, am not talking now about any collection figures — they are good, of course — but about the fact that ENVELOP (NIFTSY) came out not just with a finished product, but with a whole set of finished products. One of them will be discussed below.

The world’s first wNFT launchpad was created by us and it crosses several ideas at once:

  • DAICO and other escrow-agent techniques, created on the one hand so that the team could not simply merge tokens in the early stages (to do so, its % share is enough to put into wNFT with freezing stages) and walk away into the sunset; on the other so that this would not be repeated by counter-borrowers either: but all work together for the benefit of the future project.
  • A simple and reliable tool for ICO/IDO of any level, which would not depend on any external irritants, copycats, and agents: put it on your site and make everything nice.
  • Finally, it is also a secondary token market: either before the IDO, or during, or right after.


Because the scheme of buying on such a launchpad is simple: you can buy wNFT (with a nice design or empty wrapping — it does not matter) — then the same wNFT can be sold, but ERC-20 tokens of the project will be already inside. In the future — projects.

I personally like this approach better than all sorts of auctions, bidding, etc., because the world can be made even a little more honest: if you want to buy project tokens and not for speculation, but for maintenance, then blocking for 6–12–18 months or any other number of days, months, years is not a problem. No gas and other wars.

The scheme is as follows:

Of course, there are many ways of implementation. Further information can always be found:

In the meantime, see you!

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