NFT Startup NIFTSY Raises Over $1m, Receives Grant From Rarible

NIFTSY, a collateral-backed and price discovery cross-chain protocol providing NFTs with inner value and liquidity, has revealed its raise of $1,000,000 in support made from key industry partners.


NIFTSY Round Includes Industry Pioneers

NIFTSY offers a clear business model, many use-cases, and several competitive market advantages that have attracted Contributors which include Waterdrip Capital, YBB Foundation, LucidBlue Ventures, Autonomy Capital, LD Capital, Damo Labs, Lancer Capital, Cypher Ventures, and others.

In total, $1,000,000 was raised toward continuing on the innovative NIFTSY development roadmap, to go toward product marketing, and much more.

Tracy Shi, managing partner of Waterdrip Capital, shared her thoughts about the future of NIFTSY, explaining that “The NFT market has enormous promise”, continuing, “NIFTSY is poised to unlock the emerging sector’s full potential. We sought to help NIFTSY build into that future”.

Charlie Hu of LucidBlue Ventures agrees, also adding that “NIFTSY represents the path to the next generation of NFTs and ownership rights.”

“Although NFT has been developing for a long time, it is still at an early stage, and I believe that NIFTSY will become one of the important infrastructures in this field”, said Hugh G, co-founder of YBB.

Candice Zhao, managing partner of Lancer Capital, added that “The NFT market has huge potential in the future, and NIFTSY will be an important catalyst. The NIFTSY cross-protocol creates more usage scenarios for NFT, and at the same time provides more liquidity, giving higher use value to NFT”.

“With support from key partners, NIFTSY will scale its development efforts, explore new marketing channels, and grow the reach of our user base,” said Alex Shedogubov, CEO and co-founder of NIFTSY.

NFT Protocol Named Top 10 In Binance Hackathon, Grant Received From Rarible

This also led to NIFTSY receiving a grant from Rarible, a top NFT platform for creators. The grant from Rarible was awarded to projects with the potential to succeed — NIFTSY is poised to disrupt the NFT space by solving the remaining challenges preventing mainstream adoption.


NIFTSY is a cross-chain protocol that allows NFTs to be utilized as storage for cryptocurrencies or other NFTs. Creators can also customize NFTs with unique settings such as royalties, temporary time locks on deposited assets, and much more.

Founded in 2020, the NIFTSY team has more than eight years experience in the cryptocurrency space, and more than 15 years in Fintech, e-Commerce, IT-consulting, and more. All key members have succeeded in their respective categories, ranging from high-tech projects, blockchain brands, crypto trading, startups and more.

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