We are pleased to announce that ENVELOP is now partnered with Picipo, a unified NFT management platform, to expand the use of NFTs in the future

Picipo is focused on servicing the creation, discovery, trade and distribution of NFTs. On Picipo maximum attention is paid to social tools, enabling everyone to communicate with the audience directly on the platform without using other channels, such as Telegram, Facebook, etc. Additionally, using NFT+DeFi mechanics, Picipo will allow users to extract value from their owned NFTs beyond simple ownership.

Picipo is a fairly young project, but already now you can find there artworks of eminent digital artists, for example, representatives of such communities as NFT256, NFT Bastards as well as many other young and well-known digital artists.

Like ENVELOP — Picipo is a DAO with a unique structure, where, in particular, the moderation of NFTs is done by its community.

Picipo is now backed by many great VCs, and most recently, the Picipo team conducted successful IDOs and now the Picipo token is listed on Uniswap, the largest DeFi platform.

As, DAO ENVELOP is a three-piece architecture linked by the NIFTSY control token, that is used in the implementation of the Protocol, Oracle and Index in different variations, ENVELOP and Picipo are starting to implement the next stages of interactions:

  • implementation of the ENVELOP Protocol on the Picipo platform;
  • development of a concept for wNFT of any level of complexity.

The main idea of the ENVELOP Protocol is to create mechanisms for hedging crypto assets by placing collateral inside wNFT — due to this approach, the user always gets the opportunity to choose the level of risk and can be sure that part of the collateral will remain, even if the original NFT falls in value.

Thus, DAO ENVELOP and DAO Picipo intend to create a completely new market for NFTs, where each participant, through smart contracts, and not trust in a certain third party, will be able to acquire both classic and innovative non-fungible tokens, which contain various other crypto assets.

The teams are also planning a number of joint events that will take place during November 2021 — February 2022. We will gradually inform you about upcoming activities, so subscribe to our social channel and stay tuned.

About Picipo

Picipo is a unified NFT management platform & marketplace built on commit-chain by Polygon. Using the Picipo platform, users can go all the way through NFT creation by choosing the preferred monetization model.

The platform goes beyond the online market and crypto society, solving the native problems of the fiat market. Thus, Picipo is a place where it becomes easy for everyone, even not aware of the blockchain technology, to create, buy, sell and leverage NFTs in its user-friendly interface uniting various NFT + DeFi tools and mechanics.

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The first cross-chain protocol to tokenise payment channels and determine an objective asset price by

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The first cross-chain protocol to tokenise payment channels and determine an objective asset price by

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